Ramblings 21: walk the dog

Update: series 14 includes a group dog walk in Sheffield: “When dog owners Chris Bird and Victoria Cooper discovered that their four-footed friends were not always warmly received by all ramblers clubs they decided to set up their own, where all well-mannered dogs and their owners would be welcome. They enjoy exploring further afield than just the local parks and they discuss with Clare the joys and drawbacks of dogs in the countryside.” We’ve tried a couple of group dog walks, but our beagles are a bit too independent. Can’t think where they get that from…

Ramblings series 21 was a series of walks with dogs and their owners:

  • Flamborough Head to Bridlington – with Stuart Jessup and springer spaniel Poppy, undertaking an eight month, 2500 mile walk around the English coast in aid of mental health. Nice point re being with the dog 24/7 and how it will be hard for both to adjust to ‘normal walks’. Interesting how modern walking challenges involve charity rather than Captain Barclay and co’s derring do. Here’s Stuart’s website, lacking Poppy pics – more in evidence on Facebook.
  • Dartmoor – with the Tavistock-Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team, obsessive border collies who constantly ask their people for something to do; very different from beagles who entertain themselves and may well need a search and rescue team themselves (see Team Beagle Lost & Found).
  • Alnmouth – portrait of the relationship between a border terrier and a lurcher; see also the vid of Val McDermid on walking and writing with said border terrier
  • Larkhall – more walking challenges with long distance walker Scott Cunningham and guide dog Travis the day before his retirement, to be replaced by Milo. Scott has raised more than £150K for guide dogs – see Milos Miles  for details – and @milotheguidedog.
  • Pen Farthing on Dartmoor – yet another inspirational one! Pen, a former Royal Marine, has set up the Nowzad charity and shelter in Afghanistan – read the full story in One dog at a time and follow on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Whitley Bay with Barry Stone – misery memoir written from the dog’s point of view – Barking at Winston; Barry’s current dog is a rescue, demonstrating that rescue dogs can do some rescuing themselves.

See also BBC Two’s Walking with dogs: a Wonderland special from October 2012 (“Over a number of months in north London’s Hampstead Heath, Vanessa Engle approached people who were walking their dogs to discover why they have a dog and the role their dog plays in their emotional lives. The people she meets tell their stories, many of which are moving, surprising and profound.”), Keith Arnatt’s Walking the dog, 40 photos of dogs and their owners, and, new for 2016, C4’s Coast walks with my dog (press).

Here are some more dog related walking challenges:


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