A walk in Bredalsparken

It’s pretty hot at the moment, or too hot for beagles at least, so our daily walks are rather curtailed. Luckily living in a 1950s suburb designed for the velfærdssamfund means lots of green areas for a sniff.

Bredalsparken, run by a housing association and made up of nearly 1500 homes, many with balconies facing the sun, is an excellent example of its type. Designed by Svenn Eske Kristensen and built between 1949-59, it’s made up of a chain of three storey blocks in a sawtooth formation. The aim was to create shelter and a friendly atmosphere, an impression of peace and security.

Built in yellow brick with some prefab concrete elements, a standard height of 2.8m per floor was introduced – the blocks are three storeys high, and a brick sticks out to mark each one. It didn’t all quite work out as planned – there’s a long block along Gurrevej, plus several bigger blocks on Arnold Nielsens Boulevard, but it’s pleasing enough, and a new building slotted in last year fits quite well.

Pictures: Historien i gaden leaflet. Bredalsparken has been highlighted as one of Denmark’s 10 best examples of housing from the 1940s/50s.

For us the key factor are the green lawns, with ample shade and a selection of bushes possibly housing a discarded pølse. Beagles can find entertainment anywhere – at one point Oscar found a scent and we set off across the grass – maybe a squirrel up a tree, although later we spotted a cat dosing on a branch. Otherwise, apart from an encounter with a scary ladcykel, a pretty uneventful hour’s stroll.

We stopped off for a drink at the library fountain – I had to pick Mylo up, Oscar wasn’t interested, and walked back via the small shopping parade or butikstorv, where we check out the selection at the Turkish greengrocer. There’s also a baker and a flower shop.

Postscript re the green ambience: that was then…these days the kommune seems to prefer cutting trees down. It’s like Dubai out there this year!


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