Vestegnens Kulturuge

Another festival! Vestegnens Kulturuge, with the theme of rum til bevægelse, took place from 7-15 September for the first time. Vestegnen is the name given to seven kommuner at the top of the Køge Bugt, including Hvidovre. Developed after the war to give space for the burgeoning population. Think finger plans, concrete, urban, etc.

Programme available via Kultunaut, DK’s monolithic event calendar, with search, display by day or on a map, although I picked up a copy from the library, easiest way to get an overview. Website could generally be more social, although is on Facebook, and less drear.

Here’s some events of interest:

  • rullende S-togs foredrag – Lisbeth Hollensen of Forstadsmuseet via loudspeaker on the A line towards Hundige (not on web programme)
  • byvandring in Avedøre Stationsby – planned in the 1970s with inspiration from medieval Dubrovik (!), today a symbol of modernism’s bomaskiner, life from cradle to grave (offered fairly frequently by Forstadsmuseet)
  • Fra ingenmandsland til allemandsliv | Facebook – installation at a horrendous bit of concrete at Hvidovrevejs Butikstorv from Hvidovre Produktionsskole and artist Karoline H Larsen, good effort if not for me (involves mime), but the ‘makeover’ will stay until 17 November so will swing by at some point (bit far and boring for a standard dog walk)
  • assorted events in Ejbybunkeren and Vestvolden, part of Københavns Befæstning (child oriented)
  • ditto at Arbejderbevægelsens Bibliotek og Arkiv in Taastrup
  • ditto at Kroppedal Museum in Høje Taastrup, mainly at the Blaakildegaard local history bit, which brings us on to…

Vestegnens Fortællerkreds Festival:

  • group of storytellers, set up in January when four libraries held a storytelling evening, leading to a series of six workshops led by Carsten Islington and Nanna Rohweder (Taastrup libs)
  • 20 storytellers in the circle (Facebook), now a forening (why?), membership costs DK 100 per year; members inc Charlotte Løvenhardt (formand), Freddy August Østbygaard (kasserer), Tue Boje Folden (bestyrelsesmedlem), Leif Loll Jørgensen (suppleant), Inge Beck (suppleant), Annette Skov Friis, Jimmy Stahr
  • 15 taking part in festival on 15 September

the seven kulturuge kommuner


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