Hvidovre Bymidte

Hvidovre has a problem – it hasn’t got a centre.

In the run up to the next local elections Erling Groth (Facebook), a former member of the Social Democrats and director of Forstadskonsulenterne (now dissolved), has put together a new party, Nærdemokrati NU, and one of his things is the town centre. His proposal aims to attract – and keep – ressourcestærke borgere (aka taxpayers) to the area, which will also help with the communal pengepung (map on Facebook):

  1. A summer festival in Kulturtorvet.
  2. Smaller concerts in Gårdhaven.
  3. Meeting space: Gamle Sal.
  4. A Ny Sal for larger conferences and events, similar to Portalen in Greve, with a new entrance to Risbjerggård and toilets.
  5. More conference and meeting rooms.
  6. A restaurant ’Gården’ and some speciality shops.
  7. Space for outside events, markets and concerts – Rådhus Scenen.
  8. Outdoor seating area on Kulturtorvet in front of Risbjerggård, similar to Tingstedet in Valby.

See his article on Hvidovre set fra helicopteren, which includes a handy sketch map:

sketch map of Hvidovre

Erling Groth’s zone plan for Hvidovre

Couple of articles traced in Information:

More in this IDC…


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