Geoff Nicholson walking in ruins

cover of Walking in ruinsGeoff Nicholson’s Lost art of walking was one of the first walking-as-a-thing books I read, and every post on his Hollywood Walker blog is a delight. His effortless ironic style slips down a treat, and his occasional digs at psychogeography and academe are reassuring.

In October he published Walking in ruins, where he muses on ruins in various locations, including Sheffield. I lived in Sheffield for a couple of years, so this section was particularly evocative. The whole thing slipped down easily for a post-Xmas read, although modern publishing models are fascinating – the individual chapters would fit ‘longform’ outlets such as Aeon just as well as a formal book. On a screen I tend to skip, whereas books I have to force myself to read these days, often putting them down after one session. Reading is increasingly drifting too.

The back of the book offers Opacity [Urban Ruins] and British industrial ruins. And CphCph has pics of unseen Copenhagen, some of which are ruins which haven’t been quite airbrushed out yet…two reviews: The Spectator | Erotic Review (!).

Hollywood Christmas past looks at the phenomenon of people going on Xmas walks, lots of them hereabouts this week, and the fate of Xmas trees, perhaps a metaphor for trees in cities in general. Trees are a rather tender subject in Cph at the moment, making the habit of hurling Xmas trees out of your window particularly poignant:

an abandoned Xmas tree in Hollywood

Updates: Some solutions for discarded Xmas trees on Classic Copenhagen. Ruin Lust at the Tate (by Geoff | in Times Higher | Guardian | and again | Economist). Berlin: city of decay.


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