Beating the bounds the canine way

Last updated: 21 Dec 2020

I’m on the look out for a walking project that can be done with two beagles in tow – or rather by two beagles with me in tow.

Beating the bounds has a certain attraction. Geoff Nicholson has just posted on walking within bounds, exploring the boundaries and maps of Hollywood. That done, he ponders the feasibility of walking systematically down every street:

I probably have walked down every street in Hollywood, though I may have missed the odd one, so doing it systematically, marking it out on the map, filling in the grid, does have it’s appeal, the problem is that in the end I’m not a very systematic walker.

Being Denmark, there’s only really one Hvidovre map:

Hvidovre kommune

Hvidovre kommune’s municipal boundary – view on Google Maps

I reckon we’ve pretty much covered the central areas bounded by the E20 and route 21, although systematic colouring in remains an option. The outer areas are a bit more of a problem.

Meanwhile, having been on holiday for 10 days the beagles are back and beating their own bounds. This involves systematic sniffing of every yard of pavement down every street. On our first two walks the amount of sniffing far exceeded walking, but today we made it a bit further – all the way to Hvidovre’s north western boundary.

For more boundsbeating, see Terminalia (23 Feb; Wikipedia, more).

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