Five walks: March

Me and the beags have a repertoire of five walks we do on weekdays. After four or so years we’ve got to know the area within a certain radius pretty well, although it’s shrunk rather since the arrival of beagle nr 2 – sniffing time seems to have doubled at least. In March, we tracked our walks on Viewranger and took some photos aimed at capturing the mood – roll/click for more info.

Update, June 2015: we can now do these routes blindfold, and are trying some variations – more soon! In the meantime, Running Hvidovre did their own version, made up of a Linieløbet (dvs Hvidovrevej, 8 km), Bjergetapen (Hvidovre Havn, 5,9 km), Vandløbet (Kalveboderne circuit, 14,9 km), Kirkeetapen (churches, 10,2 km) and Finalen (stadium and circuits, 3,2 km).

Walk 1: Risbjerg Kirkegård

Walk 2: Friheden

Walk 3: Avedøre

Walk 4: Hvidovre Havn

Walk 5: Vigerslev Park