Sound Transposed

Sound Transposed is a project from Sidelong, a collaboration between Jo Dacombe and Laura-Jade Klee exploring “hidden or unnoticed elements of the landscape through encouraging new imaginative ways of looking and walking” and the idea of curated walks. Two walking experiences already:

Sound Transposed is their third experience,  a walk happening in different places shared by and with participants online, with the tagline “finding new ways of recording, sharing and describing spaces”. Instructions for the walk are generated randomly, with two words drawn randomly from two boxes each month. One box contains tiny scrolls with different words for something you might look for on a walk. The second contains words for how you might describe a sound.

The project was launched on 10 April, with the words revealed. The instructions may be interpreted as you wish, with the results as text, a short video or sound clip or other method mailed to Sidelong by the end of April:


Go on a walk. Describe the sound of a passage on your walk using rhyme.

I’ve put it in my calendar, but have a feeling I may wait for May’s challenge!

Updates: 2 May: here’s the result of the April challenge, A Passage…1 August: not for me.


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