Jane’s Walk 2014

Update, 2015: Is a cycling city automatically a walking city? As a non-cyclist by choice I’m not so sure. There was no Jane’s Walk in Copenhagen this year – see the Facebook post. I blame myself. Anyway, lots of lovely things elsewhere, including a shoutout for dog owners in Toronto, a map is not territory walk in Mississauga (a Toronto suburb) and the Vienna Ugly Tour, which also got a write up in the Guardian (80 participants, in the rain). Two great walking cities! See also Still Walking on Jane’s Walks comes to Brum.

Lurking on the fringes of the in-crowd, I know what Jane’s Walk is, and Jane herself keeps popping up in my general reading. There seem to be two similar organisations, but basically:

Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, locally led walking tours inspired by Jane Jacobs. The walks get people to explore their cities and connect with neighbours. Our annual global festival is May 2nd, 3rd & 4th!

The above Jane’s Walk includes four, count em, walks in Copenhagen, none really appeal, but at least show some diversity. Four walks sounds impressive, but there are 12 in Colchester alone, organised by the dauntless Rowena Macauley and friends. CPH organiser @urbanalade is rather less visible. Time to get out there!

Jane Jacob’s Walk takes place on 5 and 6 May, and is mainly a US thing.

Other walks are happening over the weekend in Copenhagen, as a result of the Eurovision Song Contest taking place in the city. The Danish Architecture Centre is running an inner city green walk, which looks just a tad preachy, although I may take it in at some point. Instead I’m planning on attending a tour of Eurovision Island, as Refshaleøen has been rebranded for the duration. I first visited this abandoned shipyard area last August, and have been following its transformation on my Eurovision blog. It will be interesting to get alternative perspectives on this temporary reuse, plus thoughts on the Eurovision legacy and planned future developments.

As for Jane, I’ll be tracking @janeswalk and #janeswalk on Twitter and will update this post in due course Jane’s Walk Copenhagen on Facebook. In Copenhagen there’s an emphasis on games and the playful city.

2014-04-27 11.35.47

B & W Halls on Refshaleøen, ready for Eurovision 2014


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