Dome of Visions

Update, 30 April 2016: CPH highlights…the dome is on the move, opening at the harbour in Aarhus on 4 October

Copenhagen’s Dome of Visions project (Facebook) is about “putting action into words and following through on new ideas in construction and urban thinking and planning”, in particular in relation to climate change. During 2013 it was to be found at Krøyers Plads in Christianshavn and in Aarhus, and it has just reopened next to the Royal Library/Black Diamond and the Bryghusprojekt building site as part of the city’s Green Capital festivities.

Constructed by NCC in cooperation with architects Kristoffer Tejlgaard and Benny Jepsen, it doesn’t look huge from outside but is 10.5m tall, allegedly the height of a three storey house, with a diameter of 21m.


See articles from Byens Netværk and Magasinet KBH. There’s a programme of events and the dome will remain in situ until spring 2015, but whether it will succeed in attracting people other than the cognoscenti is an open question.

The dome is based on ideas conceived in the 1940s by American futurist and architect Buckminster Fuller, just like the one we saw in January at the Vitra Design Museum near Basel:

Photo 03-01-14 14.32.42


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