Still Walking 5: July/August lovely things at Still Walking 5, nine walks over two weekends from 25 July to 3 August:

  • 25 July: Still loitering – what is loitering? “As long as the public can maintain conscientious behaviour, then they can have access to public access spaces. Various signs across Birmingham warn against loitering, which is apparently spending 15 minutes to two hours in a public space without intention.”
  • 25 July: Boscage Run #19 – an 8km run at sundown; never fear, the run “explores the experience of moving through a space in a cinematographic context”
  • 26 July: Sights in motion – “pedal powered invisible cinema”; visit 17 former cinemas which have been “re-made, remodelled, regenerated or ruined”: see essay with some well chosen Debord quotes and Flickr album
  • 26 July: Deeper roots – Why do we have trees in cities?; insert heart icons here…a tree walk which “addresses our deeper understanding of the trees we encounter daily in our gardens, parkland, suburban streets and city centre”
  • 27 July: Shooting traces of ikonic places – part of the Ikon Traces season, a series of walks celebrating 50 years of the Ikon Gallery
  • 27 July: Video strolls – a selection of walking themed short films at The Magic Cinema; “we’ll show any film as long as it’s under 15 minutes …we encourage the submission of films that are in some way exploratory, ‘meanderthal’ or somehow walking related”; list of films shown – see Video Strolls for lots more
  • 1 August: Wayfinding – Does anyone look at signs? Colette Jeffrey is researching why some people find their way easily and others get lost. She has designed over 50 wayfinding systems, for cities (inc Leeds and Brighton) and for museums, libraries and hospitals. Time to dig out that draft about signage in CPH again…
  • 2 August: Waylosing – a guide to getting lost from Tour of tours‘ Bill Aitchison; see Way losing in Beijing and Bill’s tour report (update: What is way-losing?)
  • 3 August: Dave Travis at Ikon Traces, sharing locations, memories and anecdotes from the alternative music scene of the 1980s in Birmingham during a 70 minute walking tour

Note these walks cost £5 max and frequently sell out well in advance.

See Are you a still walker for the September 2013 extravaganza, and Still Walking 4 for March 2014. Lots of ideas for Jane’s Walk CPH and friends. Next up, B_Tour Berlin.


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