Copenhagen Architecture Festival x FILM

Bumped for 2015…second run-out for the festival from 19-22 March in both CPH and Aarhus, now without the FILM but still mainly film. Included the now obligatory A3 newspaper thing, and launched via Instagram and Snapchat, spot the target group, prompting someone to ask if the prog was available digitally. Otherwise, pretty much as you were. 60+ events/films, including a salon/debate in The Silo (NNEnglish), possibly on DR K, a performance in the tunnels under Carlsberg and the mysterious House nr 2 at the central station (aka the Royal waiting room), from Kontoret for undergrundsanliggender.

Now that’s catchy…Copenhagen Architecture Festival x FILM (Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Vimeo) took place from 27-30 March 2014, and the home page promised walks! The website is one of those one page scrollers with massive pics, and for some reason the text is centred (update: still), but let’s get over that and cut to the chase. The festival had six themes (Netudgaven calls these unnecessary and confusing) but no obvious way of finding the walks – not a ‘type’ on the programme page. A combination of CTRL+F and searching brought up the following walks/tours:

Nørrebro Station

Over 80 films were shown. Here’s three which caught my eye:


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