Vestegnens Kulturuge 2015

Third time out! See my posts on 2013 and 2014. This year’s Vestegnens Kulturuge (programme | Facebook), the local arts festival, took place from 4-13 September. Sadly with no Brøndby or Glostrup this year, but with events across six kommuner to the south west of the Copenhagen council area (Hvidovre, Rødovre, Albertslund, Vallensbæk, Ishøj and Høje-Taastrup).


Vestegnensruten: marathon route around six kommuner

It being International Year of Light the festival had the over-arching theme of light art, with a joint project entitled Lys over Vestegnen (Light over Vestegnen) projecting six beams of light, one per kommune, into the sky after dark. The six beams met over Vestegnen as a symbol of their joint effort.

A further joint event saw the Vestegnensruten marathon route relaunched, with starts and a range of activities in each of the six kommuner.

Other than that there was little to tempt outside Hvidovre, with the programme dominated by family friendly activities rather than cultural events. Despite best efforts Vestegnen doesn’t hang together as an area, but remains six separate entities joined by transport corridors.

Three events in Hvidovre of note. Forstadsmuseet’s Poul Sverrild gave a lecture about Avedøre and its contribution to local cultural heritage: “Vi ser dem hver dag som selvfølgelige. Vi ser dem måske i virkeligheden slet ikke. Men de er vores kommende og nuværende kulturarv. Bygningerne og det menneskeskabte landskab. Vores forstad Avedøre, som måske er by – måske land – måske noget helt tredje? Avedøres historie er nemlig noget helt særlig.”

Two events made a stab at realising Hvidovre’s ‘filmby’ branding. Open Air Film saw a film café in Risbjerggård showing archive films about the area and a feature film on the grass outside, while Stage your mind saw the realisation of the Innosite competition on the grass (see article):

 ’Inside the Camera & An Unknown Bird', artwork and seating area in one!

David Musaelyan’s ’Inside the Camera & An Unknown Bird’, artwork and seating area in one!


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