Soul experiments

Last updated: 4 Nov 2020

Part of a series of posts on my participation in the Walk Exchange’s Walk Studies Training Course – see justification.

Full title: Performance artwalk yoga: soul experiments with non-violence toward a cyber-labyrinth, from Suran Song.

Your challenge (edited):

Walk the labyrinth pathway both inward to its centre and back outward from its centre while contemplating Patanjali’s definition of non-violence. Record the experiences after walking the walk – sketch or journal about the spiritual pattern that emerged for you.

If you want upload selections to share with the world in order to make a cyber-labyrinth, a form of yoga for the internet. You may remain anonymous or linked and contactable from your commentary nodes, part of the coded lines that make the cyber-labyrinth.

Turns out there’s a labyrinth movement – see Veriditas. I think not for me, although the concept of walking at your own pace and the qualities offered by a labyrinthine path have resonance.

Two local finds in the Worldwide Labyrinth Locator: a classical Trojaborg labyrinth in Valby Park, created for  Copenhagen’s turn as European Capital of Culture in 1996:

The labyrinth is a little difficult to find – it is marked on the overview signs in the park but no signs near the labyrinth. It is located north of the cafe; south of the nature playground. Note: recent reports suggest this labyrinth is now totally overgrown.

And I’ve certainly never spotted it. A photo in an old leaflet from 2000 does however show 1300 granite pebbles laid in pattern creating a 268m long one way path, with a group of adults and children circumambulating ring-a-ring-a-roses style, confirmed by reports from 1999 and 2008.

I have however tried out the Danish-scale beech hedge maze on Pile Alle, created in 1993 and allegedly shaped like the label on a Tuborg beer bottle. It was rather underwhelming.

In a further rule of two, our contrasting walks at the weekend consisted of a brief excursion to a snorlig 1950s suburb, drawn by a giant ruler, and to Copenhagen’s up and coming Carlsberg city district, where there is an effort going on to design in surprise.

Both are labyrinthine in their own way.

Updates: the world’s largest labyrinth (Gdn) is, allegedly, on the island of Samsø. Mazes having a moment (Spectator | R4 | Red thread review | again | TLS). Walking labyrinths with Julie Poitras Santos and Danielle Wilson (Talking Walking, 2011), and in Kirklees with Sonia Overall and Elspeth Penfold (at 4WCOP). Kalvehave Labyrintpark, purpose-built attraction in the southeastern corner of Sjælland. Rambling on the labyrinth on St Catherine’s Hill, Winchester. Jean Rhys and the city as labyrinth. The pandemic-era appeal of labyrinthslabyrinth (nearly) constructed for Interdimensionale II in Hjortespring (pic)…Cornish hedgers plan record-breaking labyrinthDG on London’s labyrinthsKerdroya: the Cornish labyrinth (R4)

drawn by a ruler


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