The bench: not just street furniture

Benches have caught many an urbanist’s eye. Here’s a bench curation, reflecting my interests. My interests reflected in benches.

The Bench Project asks why are benches interesting? Perhaps because they offer solitude in public and sociability for free. The project also investigates the subversive bench plaque.

no plaques here! Valby - bench, Kirsebærhaven

Kirsebærhaven (Valby, CPH)

Literary benches abound. In LondonLe Havre (the benches) and Montreux. A YA pilgrimage bench in Amsterdam. Atlas over Aarhus’s oak ordbænke.

Interactive benches. The MAB14 Story Bench: a voice that only you can hear tells forgotten stories from the pastOn Albert Drive: a sociable bench allowing locals to sit and browse recent #some posts from other locals.

Oscar's bench. Gdansk

Oscar’s bench (Gdansk)

Of a philosophical bench: Heidegger’s bench in Meßkirch (pic).

Im Denken wird jeglich Ding einsam und langsam.

Brøndbyskov's Heidegger bench in autumn

Brøndbyskov (Brøndby)

That London: the Bench exhibition and Lightbench.

Nifty benches: a bike rack which doubles as a bench, or at least a folding seat.

Benches as a placemaking device: a personal geography in Louth.

Copenhagen’s green benches. One of its things, along with its bins and building site fences. Now in a 1974 redesign by Mogens Lillie based on the original for the 1888 Nordic Fair, looking pretty spartan here. An alternative bench (again).

(Copenhagen Green is a variant of Prussian Blue mixed with gold ochre, brought to the city by the Dutch. A further variant, made of amber waste extract and linseed oil paint, gives Britain the strikingly similar Carriage Green.)

The #copenhagenbench in the baggage reclaim area at the airport, strategically placed as your first Instagram post:

Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

The #copenhagenbench in culture: Per Fly’s Bænken (The bench), Katrine Marie Guldager’s A bench in Tivoli (2004), VINK in Nordvest and on Kurlandsgade.

One bench at Valby Langgade 32, and on film. Tie a yellow ribbon on a Frederiksberg bench (where the best benches have an ornamental falcon on the arms). The Åben by project (Facebook | story), fallen a bit flat.

Local benches are blue.

Knit the city pretty! (Hvidovre)

Knit the city pretty! (Hvidovre)

The World Bench Project, categorising the world of the bench. More from A Quiet Sit Down. Are benches disappearing, and how’s the view?

Benches are easy entry, no major commitment to use. But what makes people sit on a bench? OH at Superkilen: “They’ve put in benches but no one sits on them”.

Superkilen, CPH

Superkilen (CPH)

The longest benches in Copenhagen? Jeppe Hein’s 600m bench in Tårnby (more: see also his Modified Social Benches; more; in London), sort of. The 47m long number in Vangede surrounding the Alfabet TURÈLL, each meter marking one year of beat poet Dan Turèll’s life.

And here’s my ur-walker, Geoff Nicholson, having a bench moment.

My benches on Flickr.

New: The Urbanist’s Andrew Tuck on the benchPhilippe Sands on a bench in Lviv. Copenhagen benches stolen, and in the roundSix Hammersmith & Fulham benchesAnother Europe, 28 photographs, mounted on specially designed concrete benches dispersed around London’s King’s Cross area. LFA’s City Benches competition (Wallpaper*). The journey of a memorial bench. Vallensbæk’s listening bench. Bench companions. @essexarchive’s Listening Benches. Georgian design studio invites you to destroy their Soviet bus stop-inspired benchesview to nowhereSit beside me, if you dare (the strange phenomenon of statues sitting on benches)…another 500 benches to be installed around CPH – but where should they be? see map; morethe story of Rate this bench (R4)…liminal narrativesthe memorial bench (Yasmin Chopin)…Psykolog ville lave en samtalebænk (Vores byrum skaber en uskreven regel om, at vi undgår kontakt med fremmede)…Benches of Redditch calendarSebald memorial bench at UEAelevated benches for Earth Day (FB)…

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