This blog, which kicked off in June 2013, is a sporadic record of my attempts to come to terms with Denmark, by looking for connections in the urban and via cultural heritage, centred around the commonplace and the everyday.

Drifting is key – my writing drifts through a topic and I am adrift…drifting is the nature of surfing the web, from one tangent to another.

As it happens, the common usage of drift på dansk is rather different from aimless wandering – it applies to the running of an operation or company, or railway (see eg minkdrift).

I curate rather than create, perhaps a form of virtual dérive.

The things you think of to link are not in your own control. It’s just who you are, bumping into the world. But how you link them is what shows the nature of your mind. (Anne Carson; source)

Worth a second look: series of posts on the Walk Exchange’s Walk Studies Training Course, esp my justification and an exploration of the everyday.

More: about.me & @annindk

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