Geoff Nicholson, fellow travellers and art

Geoff Nicholson has been all over the place lately, what with a new novel out.

The LARB has published a “multimedia collaborative story” called inevitably Geoff Nicholson maps the territory – as well as text there’s a video (below) and photos. The map/territory meme originates from Alfred Korzybski, who first used it at a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in New Orleans in 1931.

Nice chat too on Colin Marshall’s Notebook on cities and culture podcast. I actually thought Geoff N was on a couple of weeks ago, but it turned out to be Geoff Dyer, who I keep getting him muddled up with (and vice versa). I wonder if they know each other, after all they both live in LA…

I’d be tempted to leave a fan girl comment on Geoff N’s blog to make sure he’s aware of Congestion Zone if it weren’t for the fact that he doesn’t do fellow travellers. It seems we all become a Venn diagram of 1 at the end.

After a year’s immersion in this stuff I pretty much agree on both what we probably must call the craft of creative writing and walking as a performance – see the review of Urbanscape + Ruralsprawl at Summerhall and A walk at the edge of the world at SNGMA, both part of this summer’s Edinburgh festivals. But I’d probably have gone on both, given the chance.

SNGMA, in the old John Watson’s College building, is a former frequent haunt – check out that landscaping. I was once hit by a flying tray in the cafe in the garden. Happy days. In the same vein it’s a real shame about the Dick Vet, renamed the rather blander Summerhall, and I’ve just come across something called Jupiter Artland, a sculpture park in what I call Bonnington House. The things that go on when you move away!

SNGMA – check out that landscaping

Here’s more me on Geoff:

Geoff watchers will notice that this post is almost in his style.


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